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Assistant Principal

Mason Seachrist


We believe it to be in the best interest of our students to partner with parents to provide the maximum social, emotional, and academic support to our students. Please feel free to contact me at any time with your concerns. You can do this through the email address or by calling (330) 386-8700 Ext 22417. 


Overview of Discipline

Self-control and good choices are very important to success in Middle School.  Some mistakes are part of life, but we want to learn from those mistakes and become better people each day. We will work together to make better choices in the future.  Each day is a new day for each of us to improve.  We believe that character is revealed through the choices we make, and we want to help students to reach their maximum potential as young adults.

The best place to look for rules is the Student Handbook found under the Quick Links on this site. Students are also encouraged to ask questions regarding the rules and procedures at the middle school prior to potentially breaking a rule and/or procedure.  Our school is a family that will grow together to be the best people we can be.

Parents will be notified by phone of any disciplinary action.  In the unfortunate event that student choices result in disciplinary action, one of the following will occur:

Tuesday/Thursday Detention- These detentions are used for missing assignments and are supervised by a teacher.  *The goal of detention is to help the student to catch up on work and prevent getting further behind before grades are due.  

A student will receive a homework detention for 2 missing homework assignments within a week.  A student missing a detention results in being assigned to ISR or OSS unless an excuse has been issued by a doctor.  Students will work on the missing assignments as well as that evenings' homework.  T/Th detention time is from 2:30 to 4:00 pm.  

Friday Night School (FNS)- FNS is assigned for various infractions (see Handbook).  These are also assigned for the color code system when students receive 3 days of colors in any 5 day period.  Friday Night School is supervised by a teacher.   FNS is from 2:30 - 5:30 each Friday.  A student missing a FNS results in being assigned to ISR or OSS, unless an excuse has been issued by a doctor.

In-School Reassignment (ISR)- ISR is used as a further consequence (see Handbook).  While a student is in ISR, he or she is considered in attendance for the day(s) and is allowed to make up any assignments, quizzes, and tests. ISR takes place while directed by a supervising teacher.  Also, students are permitted to go to after school activities, which includes practice and/or games.

Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)- OSS is used for serious infractions. Students are permitted to complete all assignments for partial credit.  Students may not go to after-school activities, which includes practice and/or games.